-Currently Phototechnica has 2 private darkrooms available for rental.

-Both rooms are equipped with Durst 138 enlargers capable of enlarging  negatives from 35mm to 5x7.

-The smaller room can enlarge up to 16x20  while the larger can enlarge up to 30x40.

-Film processing using SS  tanks and Hewes reels are available for 35, 120 and 220.

-Basic B&W  chemistry is provided for both film and paper processing.

-Business  hours are 10 to 6 Mon. to Fri. Weekend and evening hours can be made  available.

-Rental by the half-day, day, month are available.

-Day rates are $120.00 small room ( $75 half day ) / $160.00 large room.

-Professional B&W photographic services are available  for photofinishing as well.

-Discount available for student and week rental.